How to Save a Friend from a Bad Magic Mushroom Trip

How to Save a Friend from a Bad Magic Mushroom Trip

Taking magic mushrooms with the right dosage for you should be followed accordingly. It is for you to avoid bad tripping. It is an exciting idea to trip alone, but it would be better to trip with friends responsibly.

However, what will you do if your friend will experience a bad trip from taking a magic mushroom? How to save a friend from a bad magic mushroom trip? This article will give you some helpful information on saving someone from a bad trip. Let us find out how to do that, but first, let us talk about what the bad trip does to a user.

What is a bad trip?

Some magic mushroom users take them in order to get a good result or effect, but there are some cases wherein users will experience a bad trip. When we say a bad trip, it means a crisis on a psychedelic part. It will give the users intense effects such as bad hallucinations, the feeling of being overwhelmed, and users will tend to feel paranoid. These bad effects will result in some not so good behavior, and that can be very dangerous for the users and for the people around them. In short, it will lead to a very dangerous situation.

Useful information: How to save a friend from a bad magic mushroom trip

If your friend experiences a trip that is bad, you have to try some things in order for you to help them. Make sure that you follow the recommended ways of helping a friend. Here are the possible ways that you can do, and you can follow:

  • Know what a bad trip is

It is not easy to determine if someone will experience a trip that is bad. This is the reason why you should know to determine a bad trip user. The first thing you need to know that if a user experiences a bad trip, a panic attack will occur. Aside from that, everything that the user will share or talk about is involved in anxiety and thoughts that are bad.

The user will become very scared of something, and it will lead to paranoia. They will not be able to control their emotions. It may cause harm to themselves and even behavior that can be worse.

  • Guide the person a safe place

To avoid harm and dangerous situation, if your friend will experience a bad trip, you need to place your friend in a safe area. You have to make sure that there will not be any things that can cause harm to them, such as knives, scissors, or any sharp objects. A place that is safe for your friend will prevent a very dangerous situation to happen.

  • Comfort your friend

If your friend talks about some thoughts that are bad, you need to comfort your friend. It is important to remind your friend that the bad thoughts are just the result of the magic mushroom intake, and it will fade away sooner. You can tell your friend how temporary the bad feeling is.

Make sure not to talk to them about any negative thoughts or topics, you need to make your friend the support you have, and you have to make them feel that they will overcome it. You can use some comforting gestures and make sure to know what gestures work the best for your friend, it could be a hug, or you can simply hold your friend’s hands.

  • Your presence will be required

You need to stay by the person’s side. It would make them feel safer and this is also good for interpersonal communication about your friend’s feeling. You can be a medium that will make your friend feel comfortable and it will reduce their thoughts of harming themselves. Most importantly, you need to be calmer when talking with the person.

  • Know How to control the situation

It is necessary that you can control the situation well. You have to be mindful of what to do and what you should not do in front of your friend who has been experiencing a bad trip. If you think you can’t control the situation or you can’t manage it, you have to know when you will need someone to assist you or help you.

  • Ask for professional and medical help

If you are not so familiar with how to save a friend from the bad magic mushroom trip or if you think you can’t handle it well, it will be the time in which you have to ask for someone’s help. A medical professional might be the best option for you. You need to ask assistance to them because they will surely provide a good medication and a safe place for the person who is experiencing a bad trip.

You have to observe your friend’s behavior first, and if you think you did everything, but it does not solve the problem, the last thing that you can do to help your friend is through asking for help from the people who are professional in handling situations like this.


A bad trip can lead to some bad situations. In taking magic mushrooms, you can possibly experience a bad trip, or maybe your friend will possibly experience a trip that is very bad. The person may need your help without them telling you.

You need to know if your friend needs your help. In order for you to help your friend, there were stated ways above that you can follow. Make sure to try everything that was written. However, if you think you did all the things you can do, but it did not work, you can ask for help from a professional.

Therefore the important things that you should remember on how to save a friend from a bad magic mushroom trip are to be familiarized with the effective ways in helping and to know when to ask someone else’s help.

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