Can You Die From Shrooms: Risks Trippers Face

Can You Die From Shrooms: Risks Trippers Face

Shrooms are also called magic mushrooms and psychedelic mushrooms. They contain psilocybin and psilocin, substances that made this mushroom popular in the psychedelic world. When a person ingests it, hallucinations, visual warping, euphoria, changes in perception, and many different effects usually stick with the mental aspect. Can these things go wrong? A grim question may also pop in your mind, Can you die from Shrooms?

Why do People Take Shrooms?

Early people used shrooms for religious rituals. Since it can alter the visions and other senses, they used it to connect with a higher being while leaving reality. People in the present time use it for recreation and medication as they achieve a higher state of consciousness.

It can be consumed in many ways. You can pop it straight into your mouth. It is also made into edibles, tea, and capsule. It has doses too, like any other drug. So can it also bring harm or even lethal?

Are Shrooms Addictive like Other Drugs and Alcohol?

Believe it or not, shrooms with psychedelic substances are not addictive, like other drugs and alcohol. What it can establish in your body is tolerance. The frequent use and high dose would take effect so you get used to it, and you will no longer feel its effect. 

However, it may be a bad sign. When someone doesn’t feel anything when taking a certain dose, that person would decide to increase the amount. So overdosing may happen.

The Overdosing on Shrooms

Overdosing with shrooms can happen when the intake is 5 grams and up. So that’s why microdosing is promoted to users like it is used as a supplement. The intake should be done every two days or in an alternate schedule. It is a way of avoiding the tendency to overdose and getting the beneficial effects that shroom effort. 

Overdosing, on the other hand, can give you a bad trip on which you can experience unwanted things like anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, seizures, psychosis, agitation, coma, diarrhea, and vomiting. 

The possible cause of these things is not only overdosing. Set and setting are important when taking shrooms. It means you have to be in a comfortable place and you should be in a good state of mind. If you are not well-prepared, you will likely experience a bad trip.

A survey was conducted in 2006 among 12,000 psilocybin users. 0.2% of the participants needed a medical emergency, which is connected with their consumption. It also shows that shrooms have lower toxicity compared to LCD, cocaine, and ecstasy. Even overdosing with shrooms can’t take the life of an individual. It can be a rare case.

Can You Die From Shrooms in These Certain Situations?

Shrooms can be considered the safest psychedelic as it doesn’t cause death and addiction. However, you need not feel secured. It’s not exactly the shrooms that can bring harm but some things and circumstances.

  1. Tripping All Alone

Taking shrooms may pose danger to newbies. So there’s an option for you to get a trip sitter who will guide you throughout the entire trip. Anything can happen. Psilocybin can upset a person’s stomach, therefore, nausea and vomiting can take place. And worse, you can get poisoned when you take the wrong shroom.

With a trip sitter, someone will assist you if you don’t feel comfortable. There’s someone that would confirm if you’re doing the right thing. People who take shrooms alone are the ones who are hiding this session as a secret. They may think that they’re addicted but it’s only what their mind dictates.

  1. Combining Shrooms with Other Drugs and Alcohol

A shroom can’t end your life when you don’t take it together with other drugs. You have to be aware of and be responsible for your actions. Shrooms taken with medications for heart ailments and respiratory issues are a deadly combination. 

Drinking alcohol with shrooms is not a good decision too. It will distort your body coordination. You will be overly confident to just do everything. You will end up in an accident that can cause death.

  1. Counterfeited Drugs

There are chances that what is sold to you is not the real shrooms, especially with capsules. They may be added other hallucinogens like LSD, PCP, and more. Although they are in the same category, they have different effects. You may be put in an unstable condition. In this case, it’s best to know your source and it has to be a reputable one.

  1. Getting Poisonous Mushrooms

The mushroom species are in great variety but some of them almost look like the other. You might get the poisonous ones when you forage for it. You may not also have any idea that you bought mushrooms with toxins. The resemblance between different mushrooms can be a hindrance to identifying them properly. 

When the mushroom takes effect within 2 hours, it’s a sign that it’s safe. It’s a different story when a mushroom takes 6 hours for the effects to set in. The species called Amanita, Cortinarius, and Gyromitra tend to do it. It means they have toxins even though they contain psilocybin. Therefore, they can end a person’s life.

Don’t go mushroom hunting if you don’t have enough skills or there’s no one to guide you on identifying the right magic mushrooms. You also have the option of getting your supply from the reputable source and you’re safe.

  1. The Sign of Mold

When shrooms are not dried and processed correctly, molds develop. You may see some green, black, and yellow things that grow on them. Better throw them when you see those signs. It may be terrible when you have a bunch of them. But they’re not good for consumption anymore. They can make you sick or other worse things may happen.

The molds have bacteria that can create toxins in the mushroom. It’s not worth it as it can cause death when not treated right away. Some users may be clueless about it until they feel the side effects. 

Wrap It Up

The key to avoiding any side effects and the possibility of can you die from shrooms is to be a responsible consumer. Know the shrooms that you take and what you’re doing. Don’t be adventurous about mixing other things with your shrooms. It’s wise to buy them from a reputable seller to avoid any risk. You may also get a trip sitter to ensure that things are under control while you’re on a psychedelic journey.

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