Does Sugar Stop a Magic Mushroom Trip?

Does Sugar Stop a Magic Mushroom Trip?

Magic mushrooms are one of the most popular known psychedelics in the world. This is also one of the most abused, especially those who are suffering from substance use disorder. Scientifically known as psilocybin mushrooms are one of the top choices for people to get high and euphoric. 

Because of its intense psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects, users tend to find a way to shorten or stop its effects to prevent a bad trip. A very popular way to stop its intense psychedelic effects is by using sugar. So, does sugar stop a magic mushroom trip? 

Magic mushrooms similarities with other hallucinogens such as peyote, and the mescaline which are other types of magic mushrooms. These contain hallucinogenic chemicals that get a person high. These are edible mushrooms that are usually harvested fresh or dry. Some eat it raw while some mix it with their coffee or tea. Some grinds it to mix it with other psychedelics. 

There have been a lot of reports and documented cases of people that overdosed from magic mushrooms, while some of it was serious that it needed medical attention. When it is ingested, the drug will produce hallucinogenic effects mainly for recreation, relaxation and many users believe that they achieve a higher state of mind when they use it. 

Despite its popularity, magic mushrooms also have a downside. Many avid users of it experience what they call “bad trip” or the unpleasant feeling both mentally and physically when they ingested this hallucinogen. They experience anxiety, panic, fear, paranoia, and intense negative hallucinations. This usually happens to first-timers in using magic mushrooms especially if they do not follow moderate intake. 

Stopping the effects with sugar

One of the popular remedies for stopping magic mushroom’s tripping is ingesting sugar. So, is it effective? The truth is, there is no exact scientific explanation about the aid of sugar in neutralizing the hallucinogenic effects of magic mushrooms. 

However, many accounts and experiences from magic mushroom users say that they are the main remedy for neutralizing or stopping magic mushroom trips especially when they are having bad trips is by munching on sugar. 

A lot of researchers and magic mushroom advocates suggest that users should always have access to sugar or drinks that contain a lot of sugar such as soda and juices. This will serve as a neutralizer for the effects of magic mushrooms. This is highly recommended for beginners as this also lessens the hallucinogenic effects of it. 

Users commonly ingest magic mushrooms on an empty stomach so that they will experience its best effect. 

Skepticism on the effects of using sugar 

Despite the claims of magic mushroom researchers and experienced users, many are doubtful of the sugar’s help in alleviating the effects of it. This is a very popular topic in many magic mushroom-oriented forums. 

According to users in these forums, the mushroom dispensary they visited instructed them not to eat or drink any sweet or sugary food before they ingest magic mushrooms. They told them that sugar will just prevent the psychedelic effects of the mushroom. They are very skeptical of the effects of sugar because it entirely defeats the purpose of using magic mushroom to get high. They, instead, advised ingesting minimal amounts of magic mushroom to prevent overdosing. 

Some believe that sugar won’t neutralize the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms. They said that it does not have any effects at all. They even have a historical reference that Aztecs in the ancient world ingest magic mushrooms in their religious rituals along with honey while some ingest it along with chocolate. They claim that there are only placebo effects when using sugar to stop the trip. 

Placebo effects in using sugar

According to testimonies from experienced users who share their magic mushroom adventures on these forums that sugar only gives placebo effects. They say that they have tried it already before and many times. 

Some say that they even prepare a can of soda when they’re having a magic mushroom session. During the height of their trip and euphoria, they decided to make an experiment wherein they drink a can of soda while others munch on other sugary foods such as candies, chocolates, and juices. They did not feel anything at all. They did not experience any signs that the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms have slowed down or stopped. They remained high and trippy. 

Many of these forums about magic, mushrooms have their dedicated thread about this topic, and the majority of those who shared their experience say that sugar only provides placebo effects. 

Alternative to sugar 

For those who don’t want to have a bad trip or get an overdose. The best way to do is to consume magic mushrooms moderately. 

Also, it’s best advised to hydrate and drink a lot of water. Magic mushrooms contain toxins that the body can easily recognize and may result in dehydration. Many magic mushroom users believe that the effects become more potent if they do not drink water. This is highly discouraged since this will just endanger the user. 

Another important precaution before ingesting magic mushroom is to not drink alcohol and take other drugs prior, during, and after the session. Alcohol has negative effects when it’s taken with magic mushrooms. It slows down the body’s reaction to the hallucinogenic effects of the magic mushroom which is responsible for having thoughts that are looping repeatedly. This will result in a very unpleasant trip. 

Coping with a bad trip 

The chances of having a bad trip are not that very common to many users. However, this can happen to occur anytime to any person in the group during a magic mushroom session. This happens usually to those who always break the rules. In case that a person in a group experiences a bad trip, it is completely noticeable. This person starts to become anxious, paranoid, and has tendencies to become violent and emotional. 

To help this person become sober, the group should always keep an eye on him/her so that they won’t harm themselves or other people. There’s a tendency for a person to have a bad trip to take off from the group. They should not be left alone. 

Instead, find a peaceful place where this person can relax. Make sure that they are well seated or lie down in a bed or sofa. Help them breathe calmly and stay calm. Tell them also to focus their mind positively. 

Give the person something to drink or eat to convert their mind. Unfortunately, people who experience a bad trip needs attention and care as it lasts longer than a good trip. 


Magic mushroom is generally not for everyone. If you’re planning to consume it, make sure you’re well-educated about its effects and side effects. Make sure to consult someone who is well-experienced in using this hallucinogen. 

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