How to Enhance your Magic Mushrooms Trip

How to Enhance your Magic Mushrooms Trip

The trend continues rising when it comes to magic mushrooms. This amazing plant gives you the most psychedelic effects and potential capacity in psychological treatment. The use of magic mushrooms has been widely spread since the 1950s and, until today, dominates in the world of recreation. In fact, magic mushrooms have been a part of the daily lives of many people for a different purpose. For over 10,000 years, this psychedelic mushroom has been used as a divine plant for spiritual celebrations and other activities, giving healing and transformation.

Psilocybin is the chemical responsible for the psychological changes once you buy magic mushrooms Canada. Once ingested, it produces a wide range of effects like an increase of sensation, spiritual explorations, unrestrained emotions, and many more.

While these effects were quite exciting, there were also times that these can cause overwhelming situations. Difficult situations might be inevitable, especially for beginners, and expert users might be stuck in a certain place, and the time he/she should not be. Always remember that you should not be caught by the law enforcement authorities as well as the muggles trying to figure out things on their own.

In order to give you the best experience, here are the guidelines on how to get the best with magic mushrooms. Steps and tips are given to give chances on how to make it with this lad. Are you ready now to enhance your magic mushroom trip? Get ready and take note of the following steps to help you get the best experience with magic mushrooms.

Set the right environment

First off, check your setting or your environment. This is the basis and so far, one of the biggest things every user must consider. Both starters and expert users must keep in mind that using magic mushroom sometimes ended up uncontrollable. Experiencing disorientation is highly possible, and with this, the right place of consumption must be secured. Hey, when you use magic mushroom, you might end up seeing things that you don’t often see by yourself. Lighting may change in your thinking, and comprehension might increase or decrease depending on the impact on your body.

Make sure to keep yourself in your comfortable setting for 6 to 8 hours when tripping with mushroom. You may choose places where your laughter cannot be heard by others or areas where you can move around numerously. A tripping place with easy access to water is also recommended. Using magic mushroom is already good enough, but better tripping also requires great places.

Use the right dosage

The second thing to remember is to use a magic mushroom with the right dosage. While using magic mushroom is a totally great thing, keep in mind that the most horrible thing that might also happen with magic mushroom is intoxication and overdose. Yes, the rate of death with magic mushroom intoxication is quite rare yet, it is not also a good thing to stick yourself in that hallucination taste for longer hours.

The right dosage will depend on the type of strain you use as well as your level of tolerance. While 1 gram is the recommended starting dose, you may start with lighter dosages then try increasing it when you can finally get hold of yourself even under its effect.

Wear your comfortable clothes

Another tripping enhancer is to have comfortable clothing with you during consumption. Do not wear expensive and uncomfortable clothes, though, and you might end up destroying your outfit because of its effects. Anything can happen during your tripping, and you must be prepared either to have destroyed outfit after or to comfortably move with your clothing.

Know your purpose for tripping

The next tip is setting your purpose. Nothing beats purpose-driven tripping when it comes to this great creation. While some use magic mushrooms for plain enjoyment, others have strong intentions about the trip. When saying intentions when tripping magic mushroom, it means its anything and everything.  Doing so will help you become more oriented and passionate about tripping with magic mushrooms.

Do not eat or drink too much before the trip

You might also ask if eating is fine during tripping. The answer might not be definite, but experts suggest that an empty or near-empty stomach is the best choice when it comes to consuming magic mushrooms. A full stomach might lead to nausea, preventing you from enjoying the tripping you have with magic mushrooms.

Make food and water easy to access with you

However, you will also need food as well as water after tripping. One of the ways to enhance magic mushroom tripping is to make sure you have enough water and food after. Though magic mushrooms suppress appetite, during trips, it would be difficult even to open a small can of tuna or a bottle of water. For you to have the most of your mushroom trips, make sure that water and food are readily available for you and are accessible. 

Treat magic mushroom as a medicine

A lot of people compared magic mushrooms with marijuana plants. While they are both psychedelics in nature (though for marijuana, it depends upon the strain), they also have differences. In the end, it is better for you to treat magic mushrooms as a medicine as well. This will help you to have a stronger relationship with your mushroom, enhancing your relationship at the same time. In this way, you will readily able to accept wisdom, refreshment, and healing. In some places, the government it as an addictive drug, magic mushrooms are not addictive. Therapeutically speaking, the use of this mushroom helps those fighting with anxiety and depression, as well as headaches and neurogenesis diseases.

Using magic mushroom gives many benefits. While this will give you the best moments in life, the responsible dosage is also important. As stated above, there were many ways you can do to enhance your magic mushroom trips and experience. Applying these techniques is recommended as it will help you get the best when it comes to magic mushroom tripping. May these tips will help you a lot in having a one-of-a-kind trip.

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