How to Find and Identify Magic Mushrooms in Canada

How to Find and Identify Magic Mushrooms in Canada

If you don’t want to end it after enjoying your found mushroom, first things first, learn to know the identity of magic mushrooms. As magic mushrooms have been widely used today, it is important to educate the general public about identifying the real magic mushrooms varieties.

Mushroom tends to grow anywhere in Canada. This exotic indulgence has almost the same appearance as each other, and only the experts might be able to identify the difference between the useful and poisonous magic mushrooms. But don’t bother too much, though, as long as you have the idea of identifying them, you can do it on your own. After reading this article, you will surely identify and differentiate the difference between magic mushrooms and their varieties.

What is Psilocybin Mushroom?

Psilocybin mushroom or also called as magic mushroom, contains psilocybin, a substance that is both psychoactive and hallucinogenic. This specific substance is not found in all species of mushrooms; this is why some people ended up using the wrong strains because of a lack of knowledge.

Magic mushrooms are available in dispensaries, and it can be eaten either dried or fresh.  This recreational delight is also available in edibles, teas, capsules, and other products as ways of ingestion.

Why do you need to Identify Magic Mushrooms?

While dispensaries offer legit and high-quality magic mushrooms for the Canadians, the problem is that many people also get poisonous strains in an attempt to get high. In the US and in Canada, there were already many reported cases of mushroom poisoning. While these cases are easy to handle, the continuous rising of the number of cases is quite alarming. Ingesting poisonous magic mushroom might lead to serious medical cases, and worst is death. Its effect after consumption is sometimes difficult to predict and varies among individuals, and tolerance differs from person to person.

The Different Varieties of Magic Mushroom

When talking about varieties and species of magic mushrooms, there is quite a long list of it. In fact, about 227 strains are accepted in the mushroom industry where 53 are found in Mexico, 22 are here in Canada, and the US, 19 varieties are found in the Australian continent, 15 in Asia, and 16 in the European continent. These varieties and strains overlap with each other when it comes to the place of growth as well as the number of production.

Relying on the features as a way of recognizing poisonous mushrooms is a difficult and inefficient task. Mushrooms come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, which is why it is difficult to differentiate the regular ones. Experts suggest that in order to identify them, one must know the appearance of the strains well and be highly experienced in mushroom hunting.

In order to know the strains well, getting familiar with the common psychedelic strains should be your first step. Below are the top 5 strains you must know better.

1.   Psilocybe azurescens

Common strain in the USA as well as the West Coast, this strain is quite famous in Oregon and Washington. This specie is among the top five of the most concentrated magic mushrooms loaded with psilocybin as well as baeocystin. While the former substance is found in regular varieties, the latter one is the so-called “chemical analog” of the former substance. This specie in dry weight has more concentration of the said compound. This is why it is considered as one of the most potent magic mushrooms. More than potency, this strain has beautiful physical features portraying thinner stems and cap with convex appearance having a caramel-colored top.

2.   Panaeolus

Also called Copelandia cyanescens, this strain is sometimes referred to as the “Hawaiian” magic mushroom. More than potent, they are abundantly found in South and North America. This strain is also found in Southeast Asia and Oceania as well as Europe and Central Africa.

3.   Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe subcubensis

You can find these two strains in tropical places all over the world. Psilocybe cubensis is the most famous and common all over the globe, while the Pislocybe subcubensis is not easy to find. The latter variety grows only in certain places. These two types of magic mushrooms have the same physical features stem like a parasol and caps with golden brown color. When they mature, they become wider in which Golden Teacher is an example of these varieties.

4.   Psilocybe semilanceata

One of the most available strains is Psilocybe semilanceata. As others called this name as “Liberty Caps”, this variety can be found in North and South Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia. On the other hand, its top part comes in a bell shape in dark color while its stems were slim enough, causing its wavy look.

5.   Psilocybe syanescens

Their undulating tops are the main feature of this magic mushroom strain. This is also the reason why you may hear a lot of people also called it “Wavy Caps”. This strain is known as one of the most potent varieties of magic mushrooms with about 1.96% of the active compounds. Just like other strains mentioned, Psilocybe syanescens thrives in almost all parts of the world.

Precautionary Measures

In exploring different strains, taking precautionary measures help a lot. While exploring and hunting better strain is a good idea, it is important for every tripper to have the basic knowledge and ideas about the regular strains and the poisonous one. Studying the basic characteristics of magic mushrooms is as valuable as consuming them.

If you are very thrilled to try new strains, growing your own is also a good choice. While this is a better option for hunting new varieties, it is necessary to do thorough research first before cultivating the strain.

As effects and potency vary from person to person, trying new strains should start at a low dosage.


In the end, identifying magic mushrooms Canada is not a difficult task for anyone who is interested in trying since dispensaries offer ideas and knowledge in hunting new strains. Just a simple effort and patience will surely lead you to the best strains of magic mushrooms. 

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