How to Calm Down a Mushroom Trip

How to Calm Down a Mushroom Trip

You finally decided to take mushroom tripping, and if for the first time you’re feeling somewhat nervous, it’s just natural. It would be best if you understood that the magic mushroom trip could deliver a powerful experience. 

It’s not that your high should be painful and or gruesome dreadful, but the most important thing you should do is to accept all possibilities that may occur and know how to calm down on a mushroom trip.

What if your high becomes very strong? So, how do you handle yourself against paranoia and misery and recuperate a relaxing pleasure while you are in the midst of your mushroom trip?

Understanding How to Calm Down a Mushroom Trip

You must be mindful of the possible indications if you plan on taking shrooms for a high. You will feel, notice, and think of something different. What kind of dreams you have seen during your shrooms trip, set them in your memory up the next couple of days. 

These shrooms are not that excellent, and they quickly change a life. But if you consider this high as instructive and if you don’t disregard it as crazy fun, you will realize that your life is influenced wholly. The following are the natural ways that you can practice to calm down your aggression of shroom trip:

1. Prepare

Probably, this is the most critical step. Readying yourself before you begin your mushroom high is the best way to carry out to make sure a fantastic experience. If you prepare yourself well, you will feel relaxed and confident instead of anxious and hurried.

No equal amount of rational preparation can relate to the actual occurrence. It is another thing to sway yourself that you’ve set for what is sure to ensue before you start tripping. Knowing the explosiveness of the mushroom trip helps you mitigate some stress factors.

2. Consumption

Once you’re done with your preparations, the next thing you do is to consume your magic mushrooms. When it comes to the taste, people have different reactions, and some don’t like the tang of the magic mushroom.

You may start feeling worried for one hour after consuming the shrooms. You feel that your hands are wet, and a part of this reaction is due to chemicals in the mushrooms. Also, a part of it is the usual response of your body to consuming a various and robust substance.

3. Find a happy environment

Besides the primary recommendation of choosing a comfortable, natural, and accustomed setting, there are some other ways that you can start in the right environment. Don’t allow yourself to get off the track. It can be unstable, but from the narratives and private meetings, being absent isn’t uncommon if tripping. If you’re familiar with the environment, it will be beneficial as you don’t want to wander around without a positive direction, as it may only cause anxiety or depression.

4. Limit your meeting to strangers

Interaction with other people is among the significant reasons for fear in many people who are on mushroom tripping. Meeting a lot of strangers sparks a thought like they are all familiar with delusions. This can have a vague sense that many people and all the things are defying you. Hence, it will be your best if you are with people you know well as it helps calm down hallucinogenic effects like panic or uncertainty. It would be best if you were with people you are comfortable with during your tripping.

5. Take extra care if you have emotional baggage.

A lot of people have wrong observations when it comes to mushroom tripping, assuming that it’s supposed to boost your mood to be happy and pleased. Your emotional baggage can be with you while you have mushroom tripping, and can even go deeper granted your changed perspective and fairness. Those who are experiencing emotional issues, so emotionally unbalanced and poorly answer to change and anxiety, should be a little more careful.

Remember, your preparation should be your fundamental step. Never ignore this stage. 

When Your Preparations Don’t Work

Regardless of how hard your preparation is, sometimes things can be unfavorable. You cannot handle or guess. For most situations, these practical ways are useful while you’re on a mushroom trip:

  1. Relax and take a deep breath.
  2. Start a discussion with a friend and not an unfamiliar person.
  3. Drink more glasses of water.
  4. Walk and look for a new place that may change your disposition.

Also, some other things are helping to calm you down from the mushroom trip, but they are not the best ways to do so.


The physical effects of psychedelics are sometimes overlooked. These impacts often improve body responsiveness and deliver a burst of energy. Stretch, wander about, dance, climb, swim, and you will feel great.

Remember that you can handle your problems later

Tell yourself that what it is that’s troubling during your mushroom tripping will undoubtedly subside. After a few hours, and the minute the hallucinogen fades away, you’ll either deny these feelings you were concerned about, or you can deal with it composedly.

Draw your attention away

Hallucinogens sometimes make consumers too absorbed with their feelings or also activities. Mostly, this is a fascinating and delightful effect. But changing on what your opinions are about or what you’re doing, you perhaps want to divert it and put more attention on other things.

Be crazy

It’s kind of hard if you’re overly doubtful or anxious during your mushroom trip, but being crazy is the easiest, funniest, or the most stimulating way to shake off distress. You can brighten things if you laugh at yourself.

Final Thoughts

The best person to remind you what you should or should not do while on a mushroom trip is yourself. You are liable to experience a complete change in the way you think and observe about the world. All these are at your discretion. By always practicing responsible consumption, you can feel very successful. Knowing your limitations plays a big part. 

Most importantly, familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of how to calm down a mushroom trip is a must. This will make sure of your safety while you’re enjoying the mushroom tripping.

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