Expert Guide on How to Dry Magic Mushrooms

Expert Guide on How to Dry Magic Mushrooms

The newest trend in medicine and recreation is the fungi you see growing in the walls. Unbelievable but true! Those fluffy mushrooms you find just anywhere you set your eyes on outside your home is now a controversial herbal plant that can be used, surprisingly, as treatment and psychoactive drug. That is exactly why knowing how to dry magic mushrooms is a hot topic today.

For beginners, it is important to know that it is also known in many different names such as shrooms, Amani, agaric, liberty caps, mushies, blue meanies, philosopher’s stones, liberties, and also golden tops. These names have been used to somehow conceal the selling of these not-yet-legal herbs.

Although it may also show some frequently experienced side effects like nausea, nervousness, drowsy, panic, yawning, and many others, it can still do some miraculous works for you and other patients’ benefits.

Physical Effects of Magic Mushroom

Psilocybin mainly affects the brain with its psychedelic impact. However, users, especially beginners, cannot avoid experiencing some physical changes, too. Some of those are in the following list:

–         Feeling some headaches

–         Drowsiness and nausea

–         The weakness of the muscles that impair one’s movements

–         Accelerates the normal rate of the heart, temperature, as well as blood pressure

–         Yawning and sometimes dilated pupils as well

Aside from those physical, very obvious effects, this herbal plant can bring greater effects on your brain in which some of the effects may be:

–         Psychosis and paranoia

–         Panic reactions

–         An unclear vision of time, reality, and space

–         Hallucinating thoughts both visual and auditory

–         Panicking and nervousness, too

One vital reminder, though, in terms of picking mushrooms you see around your surroundings that you must be careful not to get the poisonous type of mushrooms that look very similar to a magic mushroom. In case you accidentally do so, some serious effects may be acquired, such as some damage to the organs, severe diseases, and sometimes death, too.

How to Dry Magic Mushrooms

These magic mushrooms are not like the type that you enjoy eating with your salads or your hot tea. It may be just as easy to prepare, but more delightful than any other way you prepare a magic mushroom recipe. This dry magic mushroom is like no other!

So, for the best indulgence of this herbal fungi, there are some simple steps to follow and perform. The ingredients are also easy to find, so there shall be no reason for you not to have the chance to try this out. Read on and follow the steps included in the procedure below.

STEP 1: Collect magic mushrooms. Get some paper towels and place the mushrooms apart in each.

STEP 2: Leave the mushrooms in those paper towels for 4 to 7 days so it can dry out naturally. The moisture inside of the mushroom’s body must be released, and so you would obviously find its caps and stems shrink smaller, and its weight in your palm shall be lighter, too.

STEP 3: When you checked and found out that it’s done drying out, the next thing to do is look for the best storage place for all the dried mushrooms.


How to Store Dried Magic Mushrooms

Just like other dried products, it can be best preserved in a plastic bag similar to that used for food that can be sealed easily and securely. Placing a paper towel and not putting it inside the fridge is recommended so as not to let any more moisture to develop inside the mushroom.

Any other area which is cool and dry can be a perfect place for its storage except for the fridge. Other possible storage places can be in an empty cupboard or somewhere outside that is not receiving any direct sunlight.

You can keep these dried magic mushrooms in that storage place for 8 to 12 months, with its potency becoming less and less as time goes by. However, it is also advised that you consume it as soon as possible to enjoy its high potency and medicinal effects.

For Fresh, Longer-life Dried Magic Mushroom 

No need to worry for those who desire to keep their precious dried magic mushrooms in storage longer than the usual process. There is a perfect and effective way to do that, which is simple to do, too. 

STEP 1: Perform the pre-drying phase first.

Process 1: Put the magic mushrooms on a plate with a piece of black cloth as its cover. By doing this, you are sure to remove all the necessary moisture that needs to be squeezed out from the shrooms. Then, leave the plates containing the mushrooms and placed them into your window to receive some sunlight.

Process 2: If your location is somewhere cold or rainy that the sun does not show up often, you may also try just putting them on a plate with ventilation placed near it, too.

STEP 2: Create a desiccant that’s meant to absorb the moisture inside those mushrooms. Silica gel is one type of desiccant that you can make at home by following some easy steps. 

In this process, you will need Epsom salts or what you call as magnesium sulfate that can be bought from a pharmacy, while the tools you will use are a baking tray, hammer, vacuum-sealed containers, and also an oven.

  1. Create a spread of 1cm deep Epsom salts in the baking tray.
  2. Set the temperature in the oven for 250 degrees Celsius before putting the tray of salt for 2 hours. This step shall take away all the wetness in it, too.
  3. Be careful and fast on removing the Epsom salt from the oven, and never let it cool. Such an ingredient is fast to absorb moisture when exposed to air.
  4. The Epsom salt should be as hard as a solid cake, which should be broken into pieces by the hammer that you prepared.
  5. The next thing to do is leave it for storage in a vacuum-sealed container while it’s hot and is now ready to be used.

Once done with the steps above, you may be able to notice some differences from its original state. The mushies should be dry to the touch after a few hours as well as rubbery, and wrinkled, too. Through this method, too, your dried magic mushrooms can live for as long as 12 to 18 months in your storage.

Final Thoughts

Those mushrooms really burst with lots of unbelievable gifts that are just waiting to be discovered. Knowing how to dry magic mushrooms is one of the easiest possible ways to consume them, so hurry and try these steps at home so you can begin to enjoy it, too. Bon Appetit!

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