How to Become a Professional Magic Mushroom Trip Sitter

How to Become a Professional Magic Mushroom Trip Sitter

While dealing with magic mushrooms and perhaps other psychedelic drugs, appointing a trip sitter seems to be the thing to maintain accountability. Much as a scheduled driver does not consume so that they can then take their mates home, a traveling sitter remains sober and watches the user keep him / her safe while enjoying a surreal experience.

 A trip sitter is a responsible person. You worry about keeping you safe when you are under the influence of a psychedelic that can make a real difference between that and a positive and challenging journey. You are far more willing to reveal your power into the mushroom with either a positive attitude and also have an informative or even transformative interaction.

Some helpful tips and trivia that you need to remember and consider

Trying to sit on the trip is relatively easy. The much more important point to remember would be to become a calm and collected, pro-judgmental, very kind, and continued existence for the whole of the hallucinogenic adventure of everybody else. It is useful and exciting for travel caretakers to have their very own hallucinogenic venture, especially with trying to challenge trips, but that’s not entirely necessary. 

  • Getting that its first-hand information may encourage caretakers to become more compassionate and understanding — without being apprehensive — to both the odd range of potential stimuli that backpackers can encounter, but one can sometimes be able to brace yourself by reviewing guidelines such as this one adequately. 
  • Magic Mushroom Trip sitters are extremely useful during your first just several hallucinogenic life experiences, or when you intend to implement a relatively high-level daily dosage.
  • Magic Mushroom Trip sitting has often been started referring to those as “retaining space,” though some psychoactive substances do not have the transcription exclusively.”
  • Keeping space is being somewhat with others, and encouraging them would go through whichever phase they require, without even really attempting to intervene,” he said. This is just being there for a particular person, paying close attention, or exchanging glances with each other, without trying to offer your point of view or have any guidance. 

Also, if a participant on an antidepressant has a fantastic experience, getting a sitter can indeed be beneficial.  For instance, whenever your awareness of vision is skewed, or water is needed to prevent malnutrition, you may need help getting to the toilet.

  • For example, if the consumer is exceptionally fearful individuals may well have a psychotic episode or countenance several other complexes and difficult personal opinions, tell the others that you’re going to go all out to hold your hand and be a victim of physical abuse on whether they need to. 
  • Discussing a broken plan the day before the trip might also be useful and exciting. Communicate as to where the perspective is going to take place. In terms of attitude, moderate to high concentrations of magic mushrooms steadily for the past six hours, with the aspect going to come to and fro in currents towards the final moment. 

The five things that you should do on how to become a professional Magic Mushroom Trip Sitter

Do any analysis of the material. While trip sitters may be used for any type of pleasure-altering drug, they are typically allocated when treating hallucinogens, which are divided into three sections: psychoactive medication, deliriants, and partnership or corporation. Inform both yourself and the customer about the actual drug to know who these people will be and how long it will last.

Help make sure the timeframe is entirely empty for the user. The elevation may last up to several hours, depending on the concentration and dosing frequency. Look for a holiday or a day in which unwanted calls and texts or visitors won’t annoy the user.

  1. “Collection” corresponds to the user ‘s attitude, such as experiential feelings, mood changes, and aspirations. While these medications change the way the member countries and understand the world, it ’s essential to have a tendency to ignore before expenditure. Recognize any objections that the user might have to eliminate the occurrence of a wrong trip.
  2. Trippers are environmentally friendly, which include your state of mind, so staying primarily focused and looking happy at each other encourages when you maintain eye contact.
  3. Several other sitters absolutely suggest wearing those shoes, so you don’t have to answer your child out to look at the screen. 
  4. Even when you are just for the man or woman on a hallucinogenic adventure, don’t merely disregard your own requirements altogether. Feed if you’re already starving and when you want to go to the restroom and, perhaps, if you’re already tired, the tripper would be able to feel bad, and it could make them worse. 
  5. It is indeed essential to keep in mind that you’re not there only to steer their path in any course, but instead to be a non – confrontational information channel. Do not communicate to trippers as though they’re kids or as though they’re dumb since that can send these people into something like a miserable place.

Wanting to be forced to leave alone is also widespread for Magic Mushroom trip sitter, and that would be absolutely fine. It ultimately does not in itself assume they don’t even need guests like that anymore. Then you can consider leaving as everything would still be an endorse foundation to have something out there who’s extremely intoxicated, how much they can take seriously to. 

Last things that you should keep in mind as a Magic Mushroom Trip Sitter

“Set” refers to the personality of the individual, such as that of the interpretive emotions, shifts in mood, and expectations. However, these medicines change individual states’ way of understanding the world; having a tendency to exaggerate before spending is essential. Acknowledge any counterarguments which may require the user to completely remove the frequency of an inappropriate trip.

Individuals may well need help with basic like taking a shower or receiving up and moving around because the people felt so dissimilar in their parts of the body.

The consumer can participate in relaxation techniques with either the sitter in some cases, including during antidepressant rehabilitation. In those other cases, another individual’s mere existence suffices to maintain the customer calm.


Since the feelings of an individual will affect the essence of the phenomenon, convince the consumer that something is going to be fine. Wish to influence their attitude by asking them to have had a nice time in taking this drug, but nothing ever negative can relate to them psychologically. 

You will under no conditions, drink the medication yourself when you are sitting on a plane. User health is your duty, and throughout the interaction, you need to exercise self-control.

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