Magic Mushroom Trip Sitting Ultimate Guide

Magic Mushroom Trip Sitting Ultimate Guide

Like the THC and CBD substances found in marijuana that used to be questioned and banned around the globe, that psychedelic property found from each piece, which is known as the psilocybin, also used to be banned, but now slowly becoming well-loved and accepted by many countries.

Decriminalizing the use of such substances is now becoming a trend and the latest news in the globe today, so more users of magical mushrooms are coming out to look for it. Some use it for recreation purposes while others, too, make use of its very medicinal functions. At the same time, some consumers use it in solo while some also use it with a professional.

What is a Trip Sitter?

That professional is called a trip sitter. He or she is someone who shall be guiding someone in setting the mood and how to manage the psychoactive impact of these wonderful magical mushrooms. A trip sitter takes care of that person, too, while he savors the lasting, dreamy influence of it.

Basically, trip sitters are considered an important person to beginners in the use of magical mushrooms for both recreation and medication. The user in such a case may be called the “tripper” who rides on the high psychedelic appeal while it happens.

Specifically, the duties and responsibilities of a trip sitter are the following important roles:

  1. Inform the sitter about the substance they shall have, including the dosage that they will take.
  2. Orient the sitter regarding what the trip is all about or what it is intended for, such as meditation, fun, arouse creativity, etc.
  3. Share a bit about your own experience with regards to the use of such drugs, whether he is a newbie or someone who already had much experience.
  4. Talk about health issues or any other related concerns that the sitter needs to know.
  5. Instruct the sitter to be open in expressing whatever wrong he/she feels because it greatly determines how the effect of the recipe will be.

In order to be a good trip sitter, there are some important tips that you can apply to successfully perform the role of a good trip sitter. So, for a quick guide on how it can be done, you may check on the list below for the do and don’ts.


  • Show some support with loving advice.
  • Speak gently and be approachable.
  • Always smile and meet them eye to eye.
  • Be kind and be ready to listen quietly with what they have to say.
  • Help them prepare something to drink and eat like pizza or soda.
  • Offer them a little something such as a blanket or tissue as a form of comfort for them.


  • Never be aggressive, foul-mouthed, easily annoyed, or stressed too fast.
  • Talk about depressing as well as about emotional and negative moments.
  • Never mind nor elaborate on ideas they share as influenced by the drug itself, such as stupid or immature.
  • Feel them how it feels or intends them to speak forcefully and too often.
  • Think about something as a big deal or too serious, nor to talk to them as if they are children or stupid.

After the Trip

When everything’s been back to normal, and you are back to your real self, that is now the time you can actually think things over. Think of what you learned and how you will use it to integrate with your life at present.

To do it properly, below are the steps that you may follow:

Step 1: Reflect without making any movement – taking a profound and serious action just right after the trip is a big mistake. Reflecting over these things take time as the impact they shall have on your life takes time, too. It is advised that you wait for 72 hours or at least a week before taking any action yet, so you will never be sorry at the end.

Step 2: Take note of your ideas and the actions you would like to make – while the trip is going on or just right after the trip is completed, you may write down everything you have discovered and learned during the trip. Summarize them all and also include the feelings and emotions you felt. After the one week interval after the trip, go back to that list to delete or add more to it, which naturally occurs as part of the process. Letting all those thoughts simply get through your mind is perfect, followed by the need to write down your reflections and things that must be remembered.

Step 3: Support and think positively over healthy and desirable thought patterns – simply reinforce and notice the healthy changes you find in yourself, so you will feel good about yourself. Consider it as a job well done for you if you find some great things you’ve achieved, too. However, remember not to embark on something hard to accomplish right after the trip or particularly on the first week after that.

Step 4: Apply the lessons you have gained from experience into your personal life today – the first step in doing this is to stop yourself from thinking too much like your usual habit before. Though it is truly a challenge to do so for some, there are two effective ways you can try to possibly get rid of those habits, and those are:

  • Break or change as many habits as you can, both good and bad ones. Even if some of those make you feel great and happy, you must change them for a while and go back only when it is a week after. This must be done because you need to see significant changes in your life after that.
  • Join other affiliations and begin with new things to do. After breaking the old habits, it is now time to replace them with newer and better ones. For instance, you can replace your drug addiction with the habit of exercising or eating healthily, too.

Final Thoughts

Many things can really take place in your life in just a moment of reflection and in taking action. If it costs to taste magical mushroom ones in a while, then it shall be just fine. And remember that, with or without its help, your life should continue to be on the right track all the time. This magical mushroom is just a tool you may choose to try, but the greater drive to change is still up to you.

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