Big Mex Mushroom



Big Mex Mushroom


Big Mex magic mushroom can get along well with any user as it works fantastically even if you microdose your intake or you take a bigger dose. It entices psychedelic lovers with its mild but intense effects. It’s recommended for first-timers due to the mild effects.

The Big Mex mushroom balances spiritual and exploration and visual effects. The manifestation of its effects covers creativity and well being. It can make you feel joyful.

You will be in introspective thoughts as it helps you advance your skills in the field of art and music.

You can use this to appreciate the beauty of nature or while you share wisdom and laughter with your fellow psychedelic fanatics.

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Background and Appearance of Big Mex

This strain is originally from Mexico and it existed in the earliest civilization in the said country. Research noted that it was first discovered 2000 years ago.

Ancient citizens of Aztec used this magic mushroom and they are the first ones to use it. They were also the people who have discovered their abilities on how to reach for their God as well as profound revelations in life and the world.

It was introduced by the popular developer of strains, Mr. G.

The experiences of the Aztec people have the same application in this modern era. It has proved its worth as a standard shroom with typical and mild effects. Both spiritual exploration and enhanced visual ability are being balanced out.

Many notable effects would make you love this strain. It brings out the force that can promote a sense of well-being and joyous feeling. You will be filled with a positive vibe while you remain happy.

The effects need 10 to 40 minutes for your system to feel it. It can last around 3 to 6 hours and it depends on the dosage taken by the shroomer. It delivers ‘mushroom yawn’ which is the energizing effect and doesn’t make you feel tired.

Hallucinations can happen with eyes open or closed. Synesthesia also occurs like seeing colors and hearing sounds.

You should stay hydrated and drink honey ginger tea to avoid nauseous feeling. Don’t use it together with other drugs or alcohol.

Big Mex Mushroom Dosage

The common dose is 0.5 – 1.5 grams and the moderate amount is around 2 to 3.5 grams. The moderate dose can give you 3 to 6 hours of effects. Some who take 2 grams may experience warped visual fields as well as time distortion.

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