Golden Emperor or Golden Teacher Mushroom



Golden Emperor or Golden Teacher Mushroom


The Golden Emperor, which is also known as “The Golden Teacher mushroom” has always been a legend. When you want to feel happy without any reason, Golden Teacher mushroom will grant you your wish. You won’t know where all your giggles are coming from.

It’s great for creativity and visual capabilities. It will help you discover things that you haven’t seen before.

New ideas will go sprawling all over your mind and to your surprise, you created something spectacular! When you go outside, you will be awe with the beauty of nature. You will be more appreciative of the things that are laid before your eyes.

This magic mushroom will always take you to a new adventure with heightened sensation.

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What is Golden Teacher Mushroom?

Golden Emperor or Golden Teacher caught the public eye around the 1980s. Its origin remains unknown. It appears to have a golden cap and it is considered a powerful teacher in terms of spiritual enjoyment.

It is known as Psilocybe Cubensis and it is the most well-known psychedelic mushroom. It may due to the air of mystery that it carries. A lot of shroomers and groomers want this magic mushroom.

To distinguish the Golden Emperor, you have to take note of its fruiting body and slightly curved cap with yellow or golden hue middle part. Its overall appearance should have an ashy red cap that can expand up to 8cm in diameter. It has gills that have differ in colors from purple-brown to whitish hue.

What are the Effects of Golden Teacher Mushroom?

Newbies can start with this shroom. It can take inexperienced individuals into a wonderful trip. It would be the best way to welcome them in the world of magic mushroom.

It is not only used for casual tripping. It is praised for its shamanic and spiritual force. It can form a feeling of enlightenment for its users as well as a deeper connection with Mother Nature. Even spiritual healers turn to this shroom for the restoration of minds and spirit.

It also releases hallucinogenic effect which is common among magic mushrooms. It can take place with your eyes wide open or closed. As the surge of energy dominates your body, visionary experience comes along.

It will not miss giving shroomers a new transcendence and psychedelic experience. Golden Emperor is your key to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

You will also gain peace within yourself as you embrace its zephyr-like ride. You feel an ultimate release that reconnects to the human soul.

The Golden Teacher Dosage

The recommended dose when having this shroom is from 1 to 2.5 grams. It may seem too little for experienced shroomers. But it is the amount that has a margin for errors.

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