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Scooby Snacks


As an introduction to medicinal mushrooms supplement, our Scooby Snacks has a lot to offer. It includes Changa, Lion’s Mane, and Golden Emperor shrooms in mixture.

Taking a capsule of Scooby Snacks is your sweet escape from daily stress in life. It’s like a medication that works like magic. It delivers balanced effects and energetic experience. So you would need to have this to fuel your body with what you need to go on.

This capsule contains psilocybin, the main psychoactive ingredient as well as natural herbs. Its effects are conducive for outdoor activities like concerts, outdoor festivals, dancing all night long and camping.

It’s the capsule for you when you don’t want to trip with shrooms. But you can experience the positive kind of tripping without psychedelic effect.

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Each capsule of Scooby Snacks contains 0.2 grams of psilocybin along with extracts and herbs like bee pollen, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and spirulina. It contains herbs that are known to bring a lot of benefits to human health. So it can be considered a natural dose of the mushroom supplement.

You can start with one capsule a day which is just enough to make you kicking all day. You should be on the lookout when taking this capsule as response time varies from person to person.

Some may feel the effects after half an hour and some may need an hour to get them. Physiology differs so you should consider some things when you increase your dose. You all have control over it and it’s just an easy thing to do.

It is given another name which is ‘herbal ecstasy’. With all the natural content, it is one natural way of gaining such amazing emotions. It works like a superfood and brain supplement just to balance things out. You can enjoy its effects while you get a lot of benefits.

If tripping is not one of your goals, Scooby Snacks can give you what you desire. There’s no psychedelic experience from this capsule. You will only feel the positive vibe a tripping can bring. It’s more about lighting you up and energizing you at the same time. It also boosts creativity.

Due to its energizing effects, it’s good to make use of it to outdoor activities such as camping, concerts, and outdoor festivals.

Scooby Snacks Suggested Dosage

You can have a flex dose with this capsule. But it’s still advisable to start with one capsule a day. You have to observe first what it does to your body.


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