You can be in tears of joy without cause when you have a dose of Transkei Cubensis. It has a spectacular way of doing shape shift.

You will be enthralled to see geometric shapes, dancing lights and eclectic patterns. They are all not only pleasing but will let be able to witness outstanding visual objects.

You will see twinkling lights as you feel tingles that are pleasurable. There will be unstoppable giggles so you can be seen as a jolly fellow.

There will be an energetic come-up so you can go dancing and do other things that require energy. So it can gear you up to continue doing things. You can use it for a casual day tripping.



Appearance of Transkei Cubensis

The size of this shroom is average. It overtakes the casing layer as it is completely blanketed with white mycelium. The circumference is pale or white shade.  It may have a bluish color.

History of Transkei Cubensis

Psilocybe is thought to have vanished in South Africa. Until this magic mushroom was discovered in Transkei, Africa around 2002. So the name of the African state was given to it. Aside from that this magic mushroom strain was known in 3 names namely Transkei Cubensis, Transkei, and African Transkei Cubensis.

This state is 200 miles away from Durban. They were found growing under a tree within the pasture on which living things breathe ocean breeze.

Transkei Cubensis Dosage and Trip Report

Each person has a different metabolism and physiology. A person’s body size and brain chemistry have a significant role in the response to psilocybin.

Other factors include your emotional state as well as your surrounding. It’s best to choose the familiar and suitable place whether it’s the first time to be with shrooms or you’re simply upgrading your dosage.

It’s important to feel comfortable. You can also consider getting the service of a sober trip sitter. So someone can guide you with your ride.

Effects come in 10 to 40 minutes after ingestion. They can last around 3 to 6 hours and it all depends on the taken dose.

Magic mushrooms are psicolybes that are also deemed as tryptamines so you can expect to have ‘mushroom yawns’. Contrary to the literal meaning of the words, it doesn’t make you feel sleepy. It instead supplies the energy that can activate your whole body.

It offers various sensations and effects. You can get the elevation of euphoria, mystical ascension, hyperspatial revelation, and mind-altering sensation.

Some may also experience heavy bodily load. Giggles come along and it almost seems an impulse.

Pregnant women are advised not to consume this strain. It’s important that you stay hydrated. So you have to take some water or drinks except alcohol with you when you use this shroom. It’s required when you want to go tripping with some activities like dancing and things done outdoors.

Don’t mix it with other drugs as you don’t want any side effects. You can sip ginger honey tea to avoid nausea.

When you take 2 grams of this shroom, you can experience time distortion, Dali-esque melting objects, and warping of visual area. So if you’re a newbie, you might want to take a lower dose.

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