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If you want to experience magic mushrooms in a different way then our shroom gel capsules will surely satisfy you.  You will have the clarity of the brain that can keep you going throughout the day. It can be your supplement to boost your energy and perception in life. It can be one of the effective medications that you can rely on. It nourishes your brain and strengthens your immune system. You can choose from different kinds of gel caps. Some offer psychedelic effects, and some make your mind crystal clear.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Magic Mushroom Gel Capsules we have for sale.

1. Why is the magic mushroom gel capsule in microdose?

The purpose of making this product is to make it as a supplement. Magic mushroom with the combination of other ingredients found in these gel caps give a lot of health benefits. So people can use it for the long term, and it doesn’t have to be potent when taken regularly.

2. What is microdosing?

Microdosing is putting 1/20 or 1/10 of psychedelic substance in a capsule or tablet. It is enough for consumers to feel better and escape the negative thing in life.

It promotes focus, energy, and motivation as consumers begin to feel their worth in life. It would make you feel like you get enough sleep and eat well. 

It also functions to cut down addiction to heroin, nicotine, or alcohol.

3. How should I store the shroom gel capsule?

You can put it in a freezer to prolong its longevity of freshness. Before you open the bottle where you put it in, you have to warm it up a bit.

This action won’t allow moisture to condense onto the surface before you open the bottle. When you get the capsules that you need, close it and return it quickly to the freezer. 

Squeeze it gently so you can loosen up the mushroom powder.

4. When do I have to take a shroom gel capsule?

It’s best to take this capsule three hours after you’ve eaten something. Then you can drink lemon and carbonated lime drinks.

This drink contained carbonic and citric acid, which can cause better and good digestion of the substances like psilocybin. 

5. How much time do I have to wait to feel the effects of the magic mushroom gel capsule?

It takes 15 to 30 minutes for the capsule to fall apart inside your stomach. The effects will appear after 40 minutes after taking the capsule.


  • It helps me when I’m depressed. Sooth smoothing effect, have a good trip. Good experience!ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


  • A feeling of happiness and improves my creativity on my work. Love the experience by the way!


  • 3 grams, took about 90 min to start feeling the effects. I’d definitely get them again.


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