How to Shorten Your Magic Mushroom Trip?

How to Shorten Your Magic Mushroom Trip?

Despite the euphoric effects that hallucinogens especially magic mushrooms that transport you to another world, there are many users who are not fond of the length of its trip. Magic mushrooms or scientifically known as psilocybin mushrooms cause enlightenment, euphoria, and hallucination which makes it a very popular psychedelic around the world.

During its trip or its euphoria, users claim that they have new visions that are entirely positive and happy. However, not all trips are happy. There are times that users experience a bad trip that’s why they want to cut it or shorten their trip. So, how to shorten your magic mushroom trip? 

How long does a trip last? 

According to experts’ psychedelics like magic, mushrooms have a varied length of effects or trip. For example, if you’ve ingested more or less 5-milligrams of magic mushrooms or 0.8 grams of its dried variety, the trip or its effects will last for six hours. While those who take more than 5 milligrams up to 15mg, or 0.8 grams up to 2.4 grams of its dried variety, it will last for more than 7 hours. A higher dosage will result in a longer duration of effects. 

Always remember that when the time starts for its effects to kick in when it’s already digested in your system and not right after you ingested it. This can vary depending on your biochemistry and the type of magic mushroom you ingested. 

After the trip, the after-effects or side effects can last up to a day, however, these are usually subtle and won’t affect you mentally and physically at all. 

Shortening the effects because of a bad trip 

Magic mushroom users want to shorten their trip or the effects of it because they are having a bad trip where they experience unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, paranoia, fear, and intense emotion that certainly defeat the purpose of this psychedelic. 

Experts suggest that you might want to consider to prepare yourself before you take magic mushrooms so that your purpose of achieving euphoria won’t be ruined with a bad trip. Start by finding a peaceful and comfortable place, like your bedroom or your house. Make sure the place is free from any feelings of sadness, danger, and safety so that you will have a light and secured feeling since magic mushroom is a potent hallucinogen that will alter your world completely. 

Lemon Tekking to Shorten the Trip 

Probably the most popular way to shorten the trip and effects of magic mushroom is through lemon tekking. This refers to let your dose of magic mushrooms to sit or soaked in lemon or lime juice extract before you consume it. This essentially cooks the magic mushrooms because of the lemon or lime’s citric acid. The citric acid breaks down the materials and chemical that causes hallucination and psychedelic effects of the magic mushroom which they believe can lessen and shorten the effects.

However, there’s a debate of its efficacy in shortening the trip, however, the consensus especially experienced magic mushroom users said that lemon tekking is effective in concentrating your trip which makes it stronger, but shorter compared to consuming an ordinary magic mushroom. 

Lemon tekking according to many magic mushroom users is effective in shortening their trip which is very helpful to sober themselves up whenever they experience a bad trip. However, this technique needs practice which beginners should master.

How Does Lemon Tekking Work in Shortening A Trip? 

According to experts that studied magic mushrooms and the effects of lemon tekking, they claimed that this process mimicked the digestive enzyme or our stomach’s acid. The magic mushrooms that are soaked to a lemon or lime juice or extract will start to breakdown because of the citric acid before you consume them. This effectively lessens the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms. 

In general, a human’s digestive system has an acidity level of up to 3.5pH while lemons or lime have a 2.6pH acidity level that is at par with the former. 

However, there are some other debates and speculations that lemon tekking converts the psilocybin from magic mushrooms to psilocin that is responsible for lessening the effects and duration of its trip. Just to be clear, this has not proven scientifically and this is purely a theory from various users who share their thoughts in many magic mushroom-oriented forums, but lemon tekking is not a placebo effect for the record. 

According to experts, this process renders the chemical compounds specifically psilocybin, as well as silicon, to become more bioavailable which is digested faster so that you will feel the psychedelic effects quicker. Eating raw magic mushrooms without following lemon tekking will surely lengthen its effects. 

Does this work if you use other types of citrus? 

It will work definitely since citruses contain higher pH and essentially have the same level of acidity. However, many citrus

fruits aren’t that acidic. Other alternatives that can work well with lemon tekking are pineapples, oranges, and pomelo since their pH level ranges from 3.2 to 4.3 which is very similar to our stomach’s acidity level. 

It is technically easy to apply lemon tekking whenever you are planning to have a magic mushroom session. All you need to do is to soak the magic mushrooms for 30 minutes to an hour before you consume it. Also, make sure that you are hydrated and have an empty stomach so that you can feel the psychedelic effects of magic mushroom even if its duration is shortened. 


You have to always remember that different people have different experiences in using magic mushrooms, even though they consume it in the same setting. Their experiences vary from each other and are unique each time and in their different way. Each magic mushroom experience always feels like the first time according to many users.

When you’re planning to shorten the trip of magic mushroom, make sure that you’ve studied well the proper process of lemon tekking and other techniques since this article only providing you the basic information. Most importantly, enjoy and make sure to consume moderately. 

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