Dosing Guide When Tripping With Magic Mushroom Gel Capsules

Dosing Guide When Tripping With Magic Mushroom Gel Capsules

Magic mushroom attracts consumers by its ability to open the portal to psychedelic journeys where new experiences are unfolding. To get this one of a kind trip, you have to determine the right dose for you. With the psychoactive compounds in this mushroom, microdosing is recommended through gel capsules.

If you’re a newbie, you may not know where to start. With this guide, you will be able to find out a suitable dose for you. It’s important that what you take is fine with your system so you will enjoy the experience rather than having a bad trip which may consist of horrible visions.

Things that Affect Microdosing 

Doses are important as you can anticipate the effects. You have a clue whether you will have an intense trip or not. However, you ought to know that other things can affect your experience aside from the dose.

Magic mushroom species have different potency content, so when you buy the gel capsule form from trusted dispensaries like Psychonautix, you should know what mushroom they use. For example, mild Atlantis is suitable for beginners, while the strength of variety like Valhalla is for experienced users.

You can consume magic mushrooms, both fresh and dried form. You can eat whichever form you prefer. Taking the dried form should be in a lesser amount because it is not diluted. It doesn’t contain much water.

The importance of set and setting is always emphasized on magic mushroom consumption. You have to be in a good state of mind and body when having a psychedelic trip. It is to ensure to have a positive experience. Some people even meditate before tripping.

Ways to Microdose According to Experts

It’s not recommended to take magic mushroom daily as it would only establish a tolerance. You won’t be able to feel the wonderful benefits magic mushrooms can give. So you have to follow the ways of microdosing and schedule set by experts, Dr, James Fadiman, and Paul Stamets, a mycologist, and psychonaut. 

Magic mushroom is a psychedelic that affects your brain, so you have to give this part of the body a break. 

Dr. Fadiman’s Protocol

Dr. Fadiman stated that regular consumption of magic mushroom results in effects that can’t be felt and unnoticed. You shouldn’t allow your body to get accustomed with as you won’t experience its captivating effects. 

You can do it in a single day then take a break for two days. It’s the recommended schedule of Dr. Fadiman. To be specific, you can take around 50 to 100 mg on a Monday. Then don’t have any of the magic mushrooms on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have the same dose again on Thursday. 

The Stamets Protocol

You can have a dose of 50 to 100 mg during weekdays, then it’s like taking days off of consumption on the weekend. One or two capsules in those days are fine as you abstain from taking them for two days.

The Ranges of Dosage by Dr. Fadiman

Microdosing – 150 mg to 200 mg

Next level of microdosing – 200 mg to 400 mg

Creative dose – 500 mg

  1. Recreational Dose

The dose starts from 75 mg to 1.5 g. It is suitable for those who need to reset the button, find spiritual enlightenment, and relax. You will get high, but you remain able to control your actions. 

The effects are also based on the setting, and they differ in every individual. A new perspective and wonderfully unique moments will be opened for you to witness. You will also find the more honest and kinder version of yourself. It seems that you are surrounded by laughing things.

This is the dose that you can have when exploring nature. It’s best to trip with your loved ones on a camping trip or other ways of spending time with nature.

  1. Classic Trip with Magic Mushroom

The doses may start from 1.5 grams until 3 grams. There will be a jolt of an impulse to embark on an adventure, but there’s a strong inclination of just lying down. The control on your body remains, but you can’t avoid some distortions on your hearing and vision.

Visual hallucination takes place, so you will feel that you are in a different dimension. The feeling of euphoria and empathy is intense. You would think that the time stands still while you see things become shiny and more colorful.

  1. Higher Dose

It is increasing the dose to 4 g or 5 g. It is recommended for experienced users to partake. Expect intense effects as you lose grip on reality. You will no longer be conscious of time as the trip can go for 4 to 6 hours. You start seeing geometric figures and vivid colors.

Only psychonauts will indulge in over 5 grams of magic mushroom. This dosing is called ‘ego death.’ You have the choice to hire a trip sitter to watch over you.

Various Doses and Tolerance

Experiences from tripping with magic mushrooms vary from person to person, so does doses and tolerance. Beginners are always advised to go slow and low. It will be fine to start with a capsule with 100 mg. When you feel like it’s too much for you, you can cut it back to 50 mg. You have to experiment, and it may take some time for you to come up with the right dose for you.

When you experiment, you must have enough free time and be in a comfortable place. You may take it on weekends or during the holiday as long as you have no important business to attend to. You have no idea what might happen as you are just experimenting. 

Some users may want to increase the dose. But if you feel like the dose is enough for you, you don’t need to add more. You can remain on a certain dose and follow the schedule set by experts.


Different doses will give you various experiences. They are helpful in making you decide which one you will need to take so you can achieve your aim. You must follow the schedule of intake made by the experts. So you can gain the benefits from magic mushrooms.

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