Expert Guide When Tripping With Magic Mushroom Gel Capsules

Expert Guide When Tripping With Magic Mushroom Gel Capsules

Magic mushroom gel capsules will help you get into the mystical world quicker than other methods. Getting the effects with no delay is the advantage of its small size offers. You may wonder how you will get to consume it right. You will learn from this article. 

You can get them from online stores of dispensaries. Only get it from someone if you are sure with no doubt that the person is trustworthy. But you can have the option of making it by yourself. 

Ways to Have the Best Experience of Magic Mushroom Gel Capsules

Microdosing is recommended for magic mushrooms to be effective. It can be done properly by taking magic mushroom gel capsules. Here are some ways for you to gain the best experience.

  1. Balanced Microdosing

It would require you to take 3 or 4 gel capsules in a week or simply have it every other day. So the schedule should be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, then you can also have Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. 

If you’re not a first-timer, you can start with a higher dose. Stick with the dose that you are familiar with. You can take an increase if you want to.

  1. Be a Workaholic Psychonaut

Many users testified that microdosing with magic mushroom gel capsules enhance their performance and productivity at work. It is a method of using it daily on weekdays and taking a break on weekends.

  1. Method Introduced by Dr. Fadiman

Dr. Fadiman introduced the microdosing schedule every three days, so you can’t form a psilocybin tolerance quickly. The effect on the first use is the peak, while on the second use, the strength will be mellower. Then you will feel nothing on the third day. 

One should start taking a single capsule for the first two weeks. You can increase the dose the following week. There’s no need to make your dose higher if you think the effects are adequate for your system. It’s fine to remain at the same dose. 

How to Have an Effective Magic Mushroom Trip

  1. The Mind Should Be in an Ideal Condition

A person’s mental condition is one of the most significant variables that can affect a person’s experience on the trip. You have to make sure that your thoughts and mind are in a calm state, so the trip is more enjoyable. Some users meditate before they take a magic mushroom gel capsule. 

  1. Choose to be Surrounded by People that you Trust

When taking magic mushrooms for the first time, you must have someone beside you. You may hire a trip sitter to guide you throughout your psychedelic journey. A person close to you who is an experienced magic mushroom user. 

The trip might be intense for you, so you are vulnerable. It’s important that someone can assist and guide you.

  1. Start Low and Slow

You can start with 0.8 gram then max it up to 2.5 grams. It may take some experimentation to figure out the right dosage for you. You need to try a couple of times by microdosing with gel capsules to make it easier for you.

  1. Not Eating at Least Three Hours Before Taking the Capsule

Refrain from eating solid food or drinking coffee, milk, or some drinks with the exemption of soda and juices from apple, orange, lemon, or lime. Both citric acid and carbonic acid make the absorption quicker. 

  1. To Expect the Unexpected

Every person will have a unique experience with magic mushrooms. So don’t worry a lot and go along with the flow. Think of the fascinating things that you will witness and be open to wonderful possibilities.

How Would You Know that Microdosing with Magic Mushroom Gel Capsules Works

No one can exactly tell how you are feeling when you are tripping with magic mushrooms but only yourself alone. You can tell if you are going over the dosage that you can handle. To know which arrangement works for you, you have to take the time to analyze a few things. 

  1. Know your body. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Try to feel the sensations that pulse through your entire body and recognize the changes.
  2. Check if the effects of magic mushroom allow you to finish your daily tasks. It may also contribute to your skills in solving a problem. You became better at critical thinking, awareness, physical acuity, verbal fluidity, and your attention span is longer. 
  3. Have an assessment of your creativity. You can notice it if you are able to appreciate qualities and details in some objects. You weren’t able to think that way before the consumption of magic mushrooms. The boost on creativity can also be shown in just popping some ideas.
  4. Examine the functions of your mind when you are on a trip with magic mushrooms. Try to figure out the thoughts that enter your mind. You have to check if you have more or fewer thoughts. You may determine if your mind becomes clearer or muddled with thoughts. 

Effects of Microdosing with Magic Mushroom Gel Capsule

There are long term and short term effects of a magic mushroom gel capsule. You should know them so you can identify the effects, and you would know that your dosing is effective.

Short Term Effects

You can experience these things for the first few hours of consumption. Effects depend on the person’s body. You may experience only some of them

  1. Various spiritual experiences
  2. The unusual capacity of auditory and visual senses
  3. Intense emotions and intense sensory
  4. Distortion of your perception of time and distance
  5. Panic or paranoia
  6. Psychological regression
  7. Experiencing synaesthesia which means mixing of senses like you see sounds and hear colors
  8. Changes in mood
  9. Muscle weakness or twitching
  10. Couch lock or relaxation

Long Term Effects

It is generally not threatening to a person’s life as it is not even addictive. But a bad trip can deliver some negative long term effects. Some consumers may experience paranoia and disorganization that leads to psychosis. Some people show dramatic mood swings, and some develop Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder. 

But these things don’t apply to every user. Negative effects can arise if you take a dosage that is too high for your tolerance. They also occur when you consume, even if you are feeling stressed and not in good condition.

Final Words

The expert guide, when tripping with magic mushroom gel capsules is just easy. It’s all about identifying your dose and preparing your mind and body before indulging in a psychedelic journey.

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